The general objective of the programme is to contribute to the global knowledge economy through the development of a structured programme that will both enhance the quality of and accelerate the writing and finishing of a peer reviewed and assessed scientific article that will be supported and tracked through to publication. This programme will also ultimately contribute to developing and supporting the global research knowledge pool and the critical mass of a new generation of young writers producing written research outputs of quality.

In particular, this programme focuses on the development of the skills of a new generation of researchers to produce nationally and internationally recognised research articles and outputs.

Modality of the Programme: The Programme includes contact sessions and one online support at sites to be determined by the participating institutions. The programme model of the SATN is unique in that they address development at the strategic level, the operational level and the individual level.

Some Comments received from participants who attended the Academic Writing Workshops:

  • This programme was very useful as it broadened my understanding and clarified some of the misconceptions with regards to article writing and publication.
  • The experience of both presenters adds value to the presentation as it is integrated with what one finds in a text book and expands these.
  • Excellent time management. Not too much information. Just enough. Made materials available for reference after the workshop. Thus there was no pressure to ‘cram’ everything during the workshop. Facilitators were also very accessible and available. They made themselves available after the workshop. This is excellent.
  • The workshop has re-ignited my motivation to write. The individual sessions really enhanced my confidence and self-esteem. I appreciate the opportunity to resubmit my drafts for more feedback.
  • The programme is very good. I learnt a great deal and feel motivated to write. SATN keep up the good work.
  • A great team. SA presenter excellent.
  • Very helpful with regard to reviewing my work and finding the missing pieces in my work. I really appreciate this workshop.
  • The workshop has changed my attitude towards writing for publications.
  • Please keep this workshop programme going for many years to come.
  • Extremely helpful. Definitely relevant to my cause. Will take the lesson for my own personal development and to develop others.
  • Excellent!
  • The programme is very informative.
  • I enjoyed the exercise about abstracts that other people have written. More such exercises and workshops should be encouraged so we can see how others write.