The aim of the THENSA Consortium of Science Parks and Business Units (TCSB) is to create a consolidated and combined higher education entity to promote collaboration amongst member institutions in terms of innovation and enterprise development, supporting local economic development through effective knowledge generation and transfer, and promoting competitive advantages through combined resource generation efforts. The objectives of the THENSA consortium of Science Parks and Business Units are as follows:

  1. Coordinate an active network of managers of science/technology/research parks, innovation districts and other areas of innovation
  2. Enhance new business opportunities for members and their companies
  3. Increase the visibility of our members and multiply their global connections
  4. Ensure member representation at international forums and institutions
  5. Assist member institutions in the development of new parks and areas of innovation
  6. Become members of the international association of science and technology parks and connect with experts in science and technology parks and areas of innovation globally
  7. Submit joint proposals to government and business and industry whilst responding to building third stream income for their respective institutions.