THENSA is an organisation dedicated to promoting and advancing science, engineering, arts, and technology programmes. We do so through collaboration between smart institutions.

Our main goal is to foster change and provide relevant, impactful, and competitive qualifications. This approach will help solve some of the most pressing challenges in our country such as inequality, unemployment, climate change, lack of transformation, as well as the digital divide.

As a consortium of technology-focused institutions, we are devoted to research innovation and skills development. By providing our students with access to the best opportunities, we ensure that they are equipped with the skills to succeed in both local and international job markets.

Sustainable research innovation and skills are important for south African students

Sustainable research innovation enables students to conduct studies that are focused on finding solutions, contributing to the well-being of our society. Developing sustainable research skills can help South African students to become more competitive in the global job market. In today’s economy, employers are increasingly looking for individuals who can think critically, solve complex problems, and work collaboratively.

With innovative skills South African students can become leaders and agents of change within their communities, actively engaging in research and learning about the issues affecting their communities. At THENSA, we believe that education is the most powerful tool for change. We are committed to supporting sustainable research innovation and skills development to shape a better future.

However, we recognise that financial limitations can pose challenges. These challenges are seen when securing the resources needed to support sustainable research, innovation, and skills development.

We need more support from leaders and entities to form lasting partnerships and provide the necessary support to equip students with the innovative skills required to thrive. It is our duty to ensure that we support them to be work-ready both locally and internationally.

When students feel supported, they are more confident and motivated to learn which leads to academic and personal growth.


We want all our students to feel a sense of belonging, connectedness, and advancement through their learning methods. This can contribute to their overall academic achievements. The feeling of being supported can also equip them with the skills needed to cope with challenges and difficulties.

There are many ways in which we can support students, some of them being:

  • Develop skills and knowledge
  • Providing sustainable solutions
  • Create social and environmental awareness and
  • Foster collaborations.

Advanced learning skills and sustainable research that supports innovation can also enhance the overall learning experience and improve the learner’s approach in the work environment. It is important that we provide our students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed without any limitations or doubts about their abilities, regardless of their background.


Innovation and development partnership will assist us in being ready for the change that will come with the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), bringing with it new opportunities and challenges that will require innovative solutions. However, we must also be mindful of the potential impact of the 4IR on society and ensure that it is managed in a way that benefits everyone.

Innovation and development partnerships are foundational to future economic success, as businesses and industries need innovative start-ups, universities need industry partnerships, and academia needs sustainable research to test and validate future solutions. We need more partnerships that can work together for the common purpose of finding solutions for the 4IR and beyond.

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