The HERESA project is an Erasmus+ Capacity Building Project for Higher Education (CBHE), which was awarded to THENSA and OBREAL-Global Observatory in 2020. The project aims at developing a network of Higher Education Reform Experts in South Africa, inspired by the important practice of the Higher Education Reform Experts (HERE) in the EU neighbourhood region (funded by the European Commission), which have been influencing policy change in their respective countries for approximately a decade.

HERESA, based in the member universities of the South African Technology Network (now THENSA), will form a similar network of South African technology-focussed universities, which will focus on the revision and reinvigoration of teaching and learning strategies, especially when it comes to Work-Integrated learning (WIL), entrepreneurship and teaching for the fourth industrial revolution (4IR). The project has special significance in light of the global pandemic and its dramatic impact on South African universities and the South African higher education sector in general. It is also an important opportunity to strengthen EU-South African university cooperation in teaching and learning and eventually assess the prospects of expanding the HERE concept to other countries in Africa.

The online public launch event is intended for the wider higher education and policy-making audience in South Africa as well as more broadly in the SADC region, as well universities, associations and higher education organisation in Europe and further afield – notably the members of the association OBREAL Global, which co-coordinates the project with THENSA. The event will assess the HERE as a mechanism for policy change and EU-Partner country relations, and look at the policy context in South Africa and opportunities the project affords.

Date: Tuesday 16th March 2021

Time: 14h00 CET / 15h00 SAST

Location: Virtual (Zoom)

Registration: Please follow this link